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Our Core Beliefs

Our mission is to proficiently capture the long-term returns provided by the capital markets while ensuring a suitable level of risk and optimizing tax and fee efficiency, while assisting in the realization of life-long financial goals.

Goal-Based Wealth Management

Our approach revolves around the individual, with a focus on meaningful and specific financial goals. Performance is assessed not only based on rates of return but, more importantly, by the progress made in the pursuit of financial objectives.

The Subtle Intricacies

The nuances are important. Our emphasis is on overseeing fees and minimizing the influence of taxes on the long-term performance of portfolios.

Risk Management

Risks pose obstacles to achieving lifelong goals. Our foremost priority is to assist clients in comprehending and preparing for the most significant risks, including emotions, longevity, and inflation.

Knowledge is Empowerment

The most successful investors are those who are informed and educated. We take immense pride in providing our clients with education on the constantly evolving investing landscape and all aspects of their financial plan.

Our Story

We set out to establish a wealth management firm with a primary focus on cultivating lasting relationships with our clients. The foundation of these relationships rests on fiduciary best practices, transparency, integrity, and comprehensive wealth management.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and blended with our consultative approach to create a process for managing wealth where individual client goals drive every recommendation. This disciplined approach to portfolio construction incorporates expected returns, risks measures, correlations and other statistical measures of asset classes. By using low correlated assets, our portfolio allocations are designed to increase expected return without increasing risk or, conversely, to maintain risk while increasing prospective returns.
George Sugden


In 2012, George founded Sugden Wealth Management with a commitment to delivering the highest-caliber, personalized, goal-based financial advice to his clients. George’s robust reputation is rooted in his elevated ethical standards, extensive knowledge of capital markets, clear communication of financial concepts, and unwavering dedication to prioritizing his clients’ interests.

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