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April is Financial Literacy Month

April has been designated as National Financial Literacy Month in the United States since 2003, when federal lawmakers started passing annual resolutions to make it official. Many states, cities, and towns have followed suit by issuing their own proclamations recognizing April as Financial Literacy Month at the state and local levels.

Financial Literacy Month serves as a nationwide initiative to promote financial education and empower individuals to enhance their personal financial well-being. Through various events, programs, and counseling sessions, the goal is to help people of all ages acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage their finances, set achievable financial goals, and make informed money decisions.

Here are some useful resources for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy:

Government Websites

  1. – This U.S. government website provides training resources for learning the basics of financial education, from budgeting to investing for retirement.
  2. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – Offers many free financial literacy lesson plans and activities for students of all ages, including a searchable database.

Online Tools and Games

  1. KQED Financial Literacy Resources – Interactive tools like Budget Builder calculator, Track Your Expenses app, and online games like Bank It or Bust.
  2. Marketplace Money Toolbox – Calculators for mortgage loans, credit card payoff, lunch savings, and more from American Public Media.
  3. Practical Money Skills – Interactive games and calculators from Visa Inc. covering money basics like budgeting and credit.

Courses and Curricula

  1. NEFE High School Financial Literacy Curriculum – Free comprehensive personal finance course from the National Endowment for Financial Education.
  2. EverFi Financial Literacy Platform – Free online financial education program educators can assign to students remotely.
  3. Foolproof Consumer Life Skills – Middle and high school curriculum focused on financial decision-making and avoiding scams.

Beginner Guides and Articles

  1. Investopedia Financial Literacy Guide – Covers banking, budgeting, debt, credit, investing basics in a guided format.
  2. Forbes Financial Literacy Articles – Advice pieces on the importance of financial literacy and strategies to improve it.

The key for beginners is to start with fundamental concepts from trusted sources, utilize interactive tools and games to build skills, and gradually move towards more advanced personal finance topics as literacy improves.

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