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Wealth Management Approach:

Our approach involves defining client objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon to craft a personalized and tax-efficient portfolio. Each portfolio is meticulously developed, featuring broad diversification across asset classes and within asset sectors. Guided by academic evidence suggesting the general efficiency of securities markets, we prioritize low-cost investment strategies. This approach is designed to capture market and asset class returns, surpassing the potential benefits of individual stock picking or market timing.

Tax Planning Philosophy:

We emphasize the significance of considering income tax costs in the management of taxable portfolios. Our aim is to predominantly utilize tax-efficient investments, with a careful focus on asset location. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with our clients and their CPAs to analyze the income tax implications associated with various aspects, including retirement plan funding, retirement distributions, IRA conversions, minimum required distributions, and 401(k) Plan rollovers.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Approach:

We stand by our clients who are dedicated to SRI by providing access to an extensive range of SRI options. Our process begins with assisting clients in shaping their definition of social responsibility, followed by a qualitative analysis to identify and filter areas of concern. Subsequently, we implement strategies that prioritize both the rate of return and the overall social impact of the underlying investments in a portfolio. Our commitment extends to actively monitoring SRI and consistently updating our clients on new offerings and advancements in the industry.

Decision Analysis Approach:

We collaborate with our clients to articulate and assess both straightforward and intricate financial decisions. Our aim is to create effective financial strategies and simplify complex planning issues for our clients.

Estate Planning Collaboration:

We collaborate closely with our clients and their attorneys to explore various estate planning and estate tax reduction alternatives. Working hand in hand with our clients' legal advisors, we review estate planning documents, annual gift planning, and lifetime gift tax exclusions.

Charitable Giving Support:

As our clients accumulate assets, they frequently focus on charitable aspirations. We aid our clients in defining their charitable desires and implementing a plan that considers overall assets, charity budget, personal requirements, and income tax profile.

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