Our Story

Our intent was to establish a wealth management firm that emphasized the building of lasting relationships with clients. The foundation for this relationship is based on fiduciary best practices, transparency, integrity, and comprehensive wealth management.

Fee-Only Services

Our research is independent and we are not compensated for selling investment products. This fee-only compensation model allows us to offer a broad range of solutions without conflicts of interest. As a fiduciary, our fee structure is fully disclosed.

Goal-Based Wealth Management

Rather than focusing exclusively on investment management and portfolio performance, goal-based wealth management is oriented around the investor. Investment strategies are specifically designed to achieve a client’s lifelong financial goals. Performance is also measured by the client’s progress toward achieving their goals.

Fiduciary Duty

We are held to a Fiduciary Standard at all times. This means that we will only act on our clients’ behalf – in good faith and always in their best interests. This is the guiding principle in our code of conduct.

“…when providing personalized investment advice about securities to retail customers (and such other customers as the Commission may by rule provide), shall be to act in the best interest of the customer without regard to the financial or other interest of the broker, dealer, or investment adviser providing the advice.”
Investment Advisers Act of 1940, - Section 211 (g)(1)